All in a Day’s Work

Sudden visual loss, an unwelcome interruption in the endothelium,

PRES forward she cannot, the distant lights dimming.

Chronic crawls in the legs, a constant irritation in the mind and muscle,

RLS the alphabets, a hole in the stomach burning.

Unable to taste sweetness anymore, meat absent on the table for three years,

Increase the B12, and again the desserts a joy to savour.

Can’t stop the twitches in her hand and face, can’t move her wrist and fingers,

GAD in thousands, TPO in ten thousands, friendly fire all over the hemispheres.

No longer seeing double, the globe retracts as the light goes out,

Silent trouble brews in the sinus, a poke and it’s bright again.

The hands that wielded power, the muscles no longer holding the clubs,

General Lewis Sumner meets his match in the power of minions, waves upon waves.

Running, music in his ears, driving, words in her eyes, a loud bang then silent for weeks,

GCS 4, where’s home, when’s home, how’s home as the wreckage emerges from the deep.

Not yet forty, sudden jelly in his left hand, a gallop in the chest,

EF less than twenty, contrast in the atrium, agitating for more trouble.

The words slip away, the mind seeing even more, the hands stiffened over years,

DLB cries her daughters, eventually resonating in the echoes of MRI and PET.

Pain, pain every inch of space, marked by the player wearing shirt number five,

HZV the relentless creeper, more, more and more of the goodies – Medicine!